Global Warming Is Affecting Your Sleep




Most sleep experts recommend that you sleep in a bedroom that has a lower temperature than the Energy Star guidelines – 20 degrees lower to be exact.

Unfortunately, the effects of climate change have become very real. Some of the effects include slowly rising waters and oceans, reduced water supplies, more cases of shellfish poisoning and more. These changes have all been slowly creeping up on us and the news has now become like an exercise in putting all the missing pieces together.

You probably feel a keen sense of intense helplessness – this helplessness is so close, it’s even in our own beds. To put this into words, if you look at the 2019 US Energy Star recommendations for your thermostat, you’d see that they recommend that you place it on 78°F during the day and 82°F when you’re going to bed. However, now in 2020, if you were to apply these same temperature settings for the day and night, then you’d be just like me and sweating through your bed sheets! During the day with the thermostat at 77 °F, its simply too unbearable to function. So, what does this mean?

HuffPost recently had an article that questioned why do people sleep with blankets. Their experts have recommended that the best temperature to sleep in is in the mid 60’s °F. This is basically 20 degrees under Energy Star’s recommendations. This is quite a significant different… so exactly how guilty should you feel for just wanting to sleep without sweating throughout the night?

Sadly, by the simple act of adjusting your thermostat, you’re likely to feel a hefty amount guilt, knowing that you’re basically sealing your fate and the fate of our planet. This is not the same as driving to the grocery and buying plastic bags full of plastic straws that are definitely going straight into the oceans and directly damaging the environment. I personally won’t ever do those type of things, but sadly, when it comes to sleep, it is such as an essential aspect of life that it is quite stressful to know by adjusting the thermostat, I’m causing a drain on our natural resources and depleting the ozone layer.



Unfortunately, this is what we all have to feel like now and there is nothing we can do. To put it succinctly, we are humans that want to sleep comfortably

Freak Weather Conditions Will Make Life Harder For Businesses

We had the Beast from the East, then the joint hottest summertime on record, and now February winter season temperature levels have skyrocketed to all-time highs.

It’s clear that the British weather condition is getting more difficult to forecast, while weather occasions have ended up being more typical. And for UK businesses that are developing both headaches and opportunities, with professionals cautioning that our capricious environment might make life harder for numerous.

Take fruit farms, where the bloom duration is essential. It can end up harming the quality of the crops or lead to lower yields if things that usually begin blooming in March begin blooming in February since of the weather condition. As a result, we will see more freak weather conditions occasions as worldwide warming magnifies, and this will have monetary expenses for “most businesses, straight or indirectly.”

“It might be through reducing yields in farming, slower efficiency when it snows or floods, or by rising costs in our stores.” Normally, extreme winter is harder on businesses than freakish heat, Dr. Williamson states since it brings supply chains to a dead stop and makes it difficult for individuals to get to work.

Take the huge freeze we saw this time in 2015 – also called the Beast from the East – which struck the building and construction sector, fuel sales and High Street shopping. While all of a sudden hot weather conditions might enhance customer self-confidence, it can be destructive too.

Following the heatwave last June and July, energy business SSE alerted that its first-quarter earnings would be ₤ 80m lower than anticipated after a home need for energy fell, and an absence of wind impacted its turbines.

It might be an interruption in the sense that if it’s extremely cold, you can’t get items through. Then that produces a chance for regional shops and supply chains. The technique is making sure you get the best things to market quickly enough and don’t wind up with excessive stock on your hands.

Making complex the photo, companies might also experience a “deferral impact” throughout durations of freak weather conditions, states Jonathan Reynolds, scholastic director at the Oxford Institute of Retail Management.

Customers might hold off particular purchases till later on in the year, or their costs might move from retail to leisure and heading out. To secure them, some huge businesses purchase expert weather-forecasting systems or utilize internal meteorologists.

Others, like the fast-fashion merchant Zara, pride themselves on having the ability to get brand-new items on to their racks at warp speed whenever weather condition patterns alter. They might also hedge their bets by providing a broader option of items throughout the season.

It’s not simply domestic weather condition occasions that impact UK companies, states Ed Hawkins, a teacher of environmental science at the University of Reading. Take current heatwaves in Northern Europe, which have actually triggered worldwide wheat costs to surge, or floods in Thailand – a significant maker of computer system disk drives – which struck the world PC market in 2011.

Climate Change Threats

UK companies will need to get used to hotter temperature levels if international warming continues at its present speed. Throughout last summertime’s heatwave, he mentions, there were issues on the trains, consisting of buckling rails and signal failures, along with on the roadways as tarmac melted. Cellphone masts and improperly aerated workplaces also had a hard time to hold up against the heat.

In a 2018 report, your home of Commons Environmental Audit Committee explained that connection strategies were essential to assist businesses to prevent “substantial financial losses” throughout severe weather condition occasions, however, that some companies stayed unprepared. Services also just tended to act after a weather occasion had actually struck them.

What they need to understand is that the heat of the last summertime will be thought about typical by the middle of the century and cold by the end of the century unless we cut our emissions levels. Business sustainability groups might play an essential function in structure durability to ecological threats.

Flood Water Damage Assessed By Bogalusa Business Owners

Bogalusa Businesses Count the Cost of Water Damage

Bogalusa, LA (WVUE)

Bogalusa water flooding

On Friday in Bogalusa, water overlapped cars and pounded rooftops. Early Saturday morning the aftermath of the storm was revealed. In just a few minutes, memories of a lifetime had been washed away. Resident Shelby McKenzie said that the flash flood water wasn’t even coming across the road, but within fifteen to twenty minutes it had gotten inside his building.

Another local resident named Ralph Pierce suffered water damage as well. He said they had five feet of water inside his building. It ruined all of their stock and produce. He added, it couldn’t have been any worse. It was a complete disaster.

Pierce and Shelby McKenzie, who is his brother-in-law, own a Bogalusa staple called Zesto. The business has been in their family for over 50 years. The rising water on Friday from the Pearl River and Bogue Lusa Creek was something that they hadn’t ever seen before in their lives. Pierce said they weren’t able to keep up with this particular storm. They couldn’t do anything because it came on so quickly.

According to the family, the water fell as rapidly as it rose. In fact, it rose so quickly that wildlife from the river was seen in a parking lot nearby. After the water receded, family members even discovered several alligators within the area.

Jacob Harvey cleaned the mess up that was left behind in his son’s salon and flower shop. He said, that when they went down there in the morning there wasn’t any water around, even in the parking lot. All that was left was the aftermath. Mr. Thomas was helped in the water removal and clean-up process by his friend Justin Taylor who was visiting on a hunting trip and also happens to work for a company that does Atlanta water damage ceiling fixes. “In the past 30 years, I’ve never seen rain this bad,” Justin told us.

Water in excess of five feet threw around heavy furniture, chairs and other items, leaving them in a dirty pile with everything covered by a layer of mud.

Another local resident named Matthew Hemphill experienced the damage firsthand. He said, they were naturally worried about their electrical system. They unplugged everything to ensure that no one got shocked. But everything was very nasty.

Over two feet of water poured into Hemphill’s house on Military Road. He and his family members salvaged whatever they could. However, the rapidly rising water caught them off guard and not much was dry.

Hemphill said that within fifteen to twenty minutes the water was at ankle level inside, but outside up to our knees. He saw the water was up to the side skirts on his truck and knew they needed to get out.

It can be very difficult to get out and stay out of harm’s way in certain areas of Washington Parish since even the day following the storm the area continues to be threatened by the rising rivers.